MKU courses: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development Studies & Bachelor of Business Information Technology

The Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University is a 4 year, full-time, on-campus program. It is one of the MKU courses supplied from the Department of Social Science’s Branch of Social and Development Studies. The program’s goal is to provide pupils with a broad and professional-level understanding of society and community. In addition, it looks at the interactions between different social classes and the fiscal, cultural, and government arrangements involved in community development. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development Studies is intended to prepare students for real-life scenarios. It educates students to confront the issues that come with studying sociology and growth study. The program aims to provide pupils with a large base of knowledge and techniques that will enable them to handle current economic and societal issues efficiently.

Students can interpret, develop, appraise, and conquer complex market challenges thanks to this program’s multidisciplinary construction. It is among the MKU courses planned to keep pace with the most recent world of industry. It builds a good basis for the workplace, supplying the requisite qualifications, ethical values, and basic awareness for corporate decisions. Now’s corporate climate necessitates dynamic players that are well-versed in their own fields to deal proactively with problems in fast-paced, intensely aggressive

The Department Of Security Studies, Law & Ethics supplies a four-year, fulltime, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration among those MKU courses, The Department of Human Sciences is in control of the program, The program is meant to provide direction expertise, abilities, and skillsets to pupils with clear market orientation and direction awareness, Students would have the ability to formulate a plan and organize different market and management tasks because of this, The Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance curriculum is intended to expose students to several instruction, study, expertise, abilities, perceptions, and experiences in real world contexts.

Individuals with a solid company base and the exceptional abilities to design or function computer networks are in high demand. If you’re attempting to find new work with lots of space for development, this on-campus level will equip you with the requisite business and IT abilities. This degree would instruct you to function as a multinational professional and entrepreneur. Pupils would have the ability to conduct research and design to create computer systems in business environments following this class. Therefore, students would be expected to show that they have a theoretical and technical understanding of business processes and the potential to adapt that knowledge to the development of successful IT systems.


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